How Window Displays Play A Big Role For Retail Stores

Window display play a major role for retail stores. A window display is suppose to portray what a retail store sells. Also it displays the “personality” of the store. If it weren’t for any forms of window displays, retailers can not attract their “targeted shoppers.” As a frequent shopper I feel that if the window is unattractive I will not go into the store. Also I think the moral of a display is to be a “welcome sign” for retail stores. According to the article “what role does creativity have in window displays for retail stores” it states ” Window display is the fine art of displaying store merchandise in the store window.” In other words, window displays are a way of exhibiting what a store has to sell. All in all that is how window displays play a role for retail stores.


Window Displays- Week 1


H&M has never failed to amaze me with their displays. They have really awesome displays. How cool is it to walk past a window with mannequins  that have a oversized mitten head along with googley eyes and big hands. I think it is really funky to also dress your mannequins with fake eye lashes and lip gloss. H&M always has the best displays and mannequins.


New Image is a store that I happened to drive past. For a new store, I feel that they are lowering their chances in having customers. As a clothing store owner you are supposed to play attracting music, and have  a interesting window display. Also your merchandise should not be clustered. I wish I could’ve provided more pictures. The store was really un-interesting. Although there were nice colors and lighting; the entire store plan needs a lot of revising & re-considering. Also they need to work on their window display.

Inspiration-Week 2

Everyone has their Fashion Icons in whom they look up to because of the way how they dress.

Heather Sanders2      Boss Babe  Heather

One of my Fashion Icons is Heather Sanders. She is the CEO of Sorella Boutique. I love the way how she dresses. It fits her and it is very cute. Also I take off on some her styles and incorporate it into some of my daily outfits. Heather Sanders is very successful. She has her own clothing line that is very successful and she is very inspiring. I hope one day I get to meet her in person.

instaMimi Goodwinmimi

Mimi Goodwin is also one of my Fashion Icons. She is a Fashion Designer. She inspires me to learn how to sew. She is a very talented Fashion designer. I like all of her pieces, I watch all of her DIY videos, and she has a very beautiful family. I think I would be a very lucky person to meet Mimi in person. I think I would be star struck by her.


There are many differences between America’s commonly known Pharmacies CVS and Rite Aid. On Friday I conducted a in store study about the difference between the two pharmacies in my local area.

Screenshot_2014-09-21-16-38-58[1]Screenshot_2014-09-21-16-38-56[1]Farmacia-CVS-Puerto-Rico  rite-aid-logo

Both stores are about 15,000 sq ft. Both stores are big and have a diverse environment of customers. The lighting in Rite Aid is much more luminous than CVS.  In Rite Aid everything is lighted. From signs, to designated aisles and other attractions in Rite Aid has light. Below are pictures I took.

Screenshot_2014-09-21-16-38-43[1]   Screenshot_2014-09-21-16-38-16[1]Screenshot_2014-09-21-16-37-49[1]Screenshot_2014-09-21-16-37-42[1]

I really like Rite Aid because it is very nice. The entire surroundings of the Rite Aid store I visited was very luminous. I felt like I was in a store that would have been built in the future.  The way the stores layout was designed was very awesome. Their seasonal aisle was very attractive. The Pharmacy was very beautiful as well.


CVS on the other hand was not very attractive. It was very dull and dead. CVS was not attractive as Rite Aid. The layout was very plain. There was nothing excited about the CVS branch I visited. I think the CVS branch I visited needs major renovation. On the other hand there were handy attraction signs that made the store look almost beautiful as the Rite Aid I visited.

Screenshot_2014-09-21-16-37-35[1]Screenshot_2014-09-21-16-36-33[1]  Screenshot_2014-09-21-16-37-14[1]Screenshot_2014-09-21-16-36-40[1]

Between both stores, I would shop at Rite Aid because it is cheaper. Also Rite Aid always has awesome sales.

Human’s Inspiration

Clean Room Porsche Eco Friendly Home College Grad

My Inspiration is my future. In the future I want to pursue my dream career as a Pharmacist.  The Medical Field has a a lot of good opportunities and high paying jobs.  The Medical Field is very exciting to me because I like helping people. Also I like to help people become  better well beings.  A Pharmacist is a well respected being to their community.  A Pharmacist has a lot of good characteristics. I have most of these characteristics.  For example; some of these characteristics that I have are good memory, good comprehension, detail oriented, and professional. Those are the characteristics that make up a Pharmacist.  In the end Pharmacy will always be my inspiration because  it is a rewarding career. Another aspect of the Pharmacy field is that it will in high demand  in the near future. This means I have a pretty good chance of pursuing a career of Pharmacy.

It is one of my biggest dreams to own a Porsche Cayenne. It is a beautiful luxury car. Even though it is quite expensive to own one I will pursue a career that will enable me financially to own one.  I really love Porsche Cayenne because they are very sporty. This car inspires me because I would like to own one in my near future.  I am a lover for luxury sports cars because they are very cool to own. Also luxury sports cars need a lot of maintenance.  In general if you own a luxury car or any kind car you are supposed to be up to date with its maintenance.

Eco- Friendly homes are my inspiration because it is good for the environment. As we know Global Warming is coming upon us. As society of planet earth we need to take actions in saving our beautiful planet earth. Eco- Friendly homes are very good for the environment because they do not consume much energy that we need to preserve for planet earth’s future. I think owning a Eco-Friendly home is very rewarding because on your account you are taking big steps in reducing our chances of Global Warming. As a person who loves the simple things of nature I see myself living in a Eco- Friendly home. Therefore that is why Eco- Friendly homes are my inspiration.

Being a College Graduate is one of my biggest inspirations because it is one of the many things that I would like to face in life.  Although its is just a piece of paper stating that you have successfully completed all the required course work to earn your seat at your graduation it inspires me because its a rewarding thing to experience. Its rewarding to shake your Dean’s hand along with other staff members of your major. Also after your college graduation it is rewarding to face that fact that you will no longer have to attend school anymore. In other words, you can start your dream career.

What I Think About The Gene Moore Article.

Gene Moore is a window display artist for Tiffany & Co. Not only was Gene Moore a window display artist, he was also a costume designer for the Paul Taylor  Dance Company.  Gene Moore has created many inspire-able window displays for Tiffany & Co. Gene Paul has a “thing” for incorporating eggs into his displays. I think it weird.  Don’t you think?

Based on the article ” They’re Just Window Dressings, but Tiffany Sparkles with Gene Moore’s  Gems” by Joy Wansley I think the publisher of this article makes Gene seems very talented. For example, the author states, ” Moore creates a new eye-catching fantasies every two weeks.”  In other words, this means Gene can create works of displays in a short amount of time and still make them to turn out to be eye catching to the public. I Think this is very cool because  it takes a while to create window displays. Also I feel that creating a display in a short amount of time means you have a gift.  On the contrary of this article I feel like it is too boring.  Although the article makes it seem like Gene has been doing his job for ever, the author makes the article and his job seem boring. There isn’t any kind of interesting details about Gene as a visual display artist.

Based on my background knowledge of Gene Moore, I feel that he is very creative when it comes to window displays. I feel that he really puts his creativity into all displays for Tiffany & Co’s. One of my favorite window displays be Gene Moore is a Christmas display that he did (the picture below).  I like this display because it looks like a nice house on Christmas Eve incorporated with Tiffany & Co jewelry boxes. Also the demographics of this display is very eye catching.




Another Display that I like by Gene Moore display (below) is very funky.  He has a bird  on a twig with acorns below it. I think this very creative. I get the


Unfortunately one display that I do not like by Gene Moore is posted below. I do not like this display because it is very plain. Also I think there should be something included more into this display.