Least and Favorite Window Display


I like this window display by Macy’s because I sense rhythm and there is a story in window display.


I do not like this window by Dior because I feel that the window is  to cluttered and the mannequins dress does not fit the window display


Least and Favorite Window Display

lord taylor

This window by Lord and Taylor is my Favorite Window display because it gives me the Christmas spirit. Also it tells a story about Christmas.


This window display by Top Shop is my least favorite window display. There is no rhythm or story in the window.

Inspiration- Week 11


I am a Beyonce fan at heart! Beyonce is my role model. Ever since she was a little girl she wanted to be a singer. She worked hard, stay determined and positive. In the end she her dreams became a reality. I admire her beautiful family also. Blue Ivy is adorable and NOTHING is wrong with her hair!

Inspiration- Week 10

I have always been proud of my heritage. I am proud to come from a Caribbean background as well as other backgrounds. For the most part a lot of people do not really embrace their culture. In the same way, maybe they do not know enough about it or they live in a environment where it is not accepted. I know my culture and where it comes from. NO ONE in this entire world can ever prevent me from embracing my culture weather they have biased or no knowledge about it.

__clothing__india___by_LeniRAmerica_Caribbean Cusco-Club-Mama-Africa4747145_G

Least and Favorite Window Display


Although this is not a window display, this is a christmas visual production house. I love this house because it makes you feel the christmas spirit and it is will lit and full of christmas character.



This is a bad window display! For a lingerie display there should be a feeling of naughty and sexy incorporated into a window. This is plain & full of no character. I want to personally fix this window display.

Inspiration- Week 9




The houses in the picture above are luxury houses in Mill Basin Brooklyn. These houses are my inspiration because they are in the heart of Brooklyn, they look nice, and people with nice careers own these houses. My goal one day is to own a house in this very area. This area is safe, and very luxurious. Also it has a view of nice Jamaica Bay.


women 19701970 21970


Fashion:  During the 1970’s was very fun and full of bright colors. Pants were mostly tight fitting. Also this was the hippie age.



Furniture during the 1970’s included plastic wrapped around them. The living rooms styles were very chic. The rooms were full of fabrics with different kind of designs. Ex: floral. The bathrooms were colored themed, which means the bath tub, tiles and toilet were the same color.

plastic furniture   1970's living roomgirls roombathrooms-1-before1 1970





1970 car  1970_Ford_Galaxie_Custom_SFPD_Police_Cop_Car_Front_1


Super Stars:


Oliver Samuels is a Jamaican Actor/Comedian. He is my favorite Jamaican Actor. My favorite movie that he stared in was Noah And The Ark. He is really hilarious!


Colors:  The colors during this time period were bright colors. Such as yellow and orange.



Artist: Peter Max

Peter created very fun art.  He is know for using shapes, color pallets, spectra in his work.

PM BFS 1  pmaxPeter_Max_Untitled__Faces