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80s-fashion-for-girls-20 80s-fashion-men-1

During the 80’s time period, the fashion was very colorful,gold jewelry was popular,and leggings and leg warmers were in style.


The cars during this time period seem a bit more sportier than past decades.



The colors of the 80’s were very colorful. Colors included yellow, pink, and purple.



sofa - 80s - wood brass trim_md80's furniture

Famous People


Whoopi Goldberg rised to fame as an actress during the 1980’s.

Keith Haring

Keith haris  g;a Kieth Harring

Keith Haring’s work is pop art. He’s famous for his art work that supports aid’s awareness.  The picture above is notable in NYC’s public school system.  He died at age 31 from AIDS.

Roy Lichtenstien


Lichtenstien was famous for his comic like art work. Also his explosion of words comics.


Bergdof Goodman Window Display

Based on the Article it was about an Artist named John Gordon Gauld. He started his career in displays as an unpaid intern. Although he was not paid he still enjoyed what he did. Through out the article he explains the procedures and different assignments there were to create the display. I like this article. It makes Bergdof Goodman seem like they have interesting windows. I look forward to seeing them in person.

Bergdof Goodman

The picture above is one of my favorite displays by Bergdof Goodman. This is their post- it window. I like this window because the background is made out of post- it papers. The post-it papers look like a face. Also the Mannequins looked like they are shocked by the “post-it” person.  Also I like how the display artist incorporated the post-it face onto the bag the Mannequin on the left is holding.

Inspiration- Week 14

Dream School

The University of Georgia College of Pharmacy is my dream school. I always had dreams about attending this college. Also a lot of my peers always tell me they dreamed of me going here.  This college has a excellent pharmacy program and other undergraduate programs. I meet most of the requirements for the college. I look forward to applying here in the near future.


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Trends were Afro’s, platform boots, mini skirts etc. The Hippie Culture was on the rise.

1960's Fashion HIPPIES

men 1960s


The Furniture was very colorful and simply.

846-02793393  60s_Style



The car below is a 1960 Ferrari, Porsche, and BMW

ferrari-250-cabriolet-1960   404963-4  1960-bmw-1500-sedan-front-three-quarters-view

Popular People

Jeese Jackson was a famous civil rights leader through the 1960’s.


Color Trends: The colors of the 1960’s were colorful


Andy Worhol

Andy was famous for his pop art. He had a weird personality. I admire his work. It’s really colorful and fun

Andy Warhol, artist, portrait, himself, white background image

Inspiration- Week 13




My inspiration this is week arr my favorite foods. I Love any kind of West Indian recipes. For the most part my favorite dishes are Roti, Jamaican Escovich Fish, and Chipotle. For some reason everytime I eat Chipotle, I feel really happy.

Inspiration- Week 12




My inspiration is my blog dedicated to fashion trends and celebrity inspired outfits. My blog is my escape into my own minature world where I come up with things I can picture myself wearing or someone wearing in the near future. Also I create pieces that may be in style for the next season.  I love my blog along with everything with it. It is awesome and I hope inspire people who view my blog and possibly wear outfits similar too.

Hardships of Working on Diplays

One of my hardships was coming up with an idea that my teacher would have accepted. Also making sure the display would use all the negative and positive spaces in the window I was assigned to.  On this note, during the process was very fun. I enjoyed creating props and putting together the window. I hope I get to do another one similar.