DVF (redo)

Discloser Note: My DVF response was previously posted. When I received the article via jupiter grades, there wasn’t any link. There was a little excerpt. Nothing more nothing less. 

DVF Raven Cunningham


Window Break Down Questions

Do you think your display is a success?

– Yes. I know that my display is a success because I put a lot of effort into my work. Also I put a lot of time into creating this project.

Which design elements do you think you use in your display?

– I used prospective, lines, and rhythm.

What do you like most about your display?

– I like the fact that I was able to work by myself, I provided most of the materials for myself, and It was done the way how I wanted it to be done.

What do you like least?

– There is nothing about my project that I do not like the least. I am very proud of it and I hope to do another one that is similar to it.

What would you change for your future display?

– I would change the way how I did things. If I know something would take a while to prepare, It would be one of the first things I would get done. For example, in my display, the trees came out to be messier than I thought and took longer to get create. Also if it weren’t for my stuff to get misplaced, I would’ve completed the trees earlier than I already did. Another thing that I would do differently for this project is experimenting the different options that I was given to complete for this project. For instance, I should’ve experimented with the different themes that was given.

What was the most challenging thing about your display? 

– The most challenging thing about my Project was stabilizing the Lorax  trees, my materials getting misplaced, Finding my display bored in pieces, and dealing with the time limit that was given when we lost time (Although there was a extension).

What was the easiest?

– The easiest was getting the materials together and building the display.

What grade do you feel that you deserve?

I feel that I deserve an A for the simple fact that I worked on this project mainly by myself. I didn’t receive any help putting anything into the project. I glued and stapled everything that was in my project. Indeed, there were times that I needed assistance from my teacher, everything that was incorporated into my project was done by myself. Also I sacrificed time to get all of my materials together.  Although there are certain areas of my display that could’ve been done neatly than it was already done, I feel that I really deserve an A as my final grade.

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Diane von Furstenberg

I was not given the article via Jupiter Grades. There was a little excerpt that I read and I am responding to based on what I read.

Based on the article, the main idea was about Diane and her lifetime achievements and life story. I don’t really have much to say about this article. She seems very talented and successful based on her accomplishments.



My graduation year is my biggest inspiration at the moment. I cannot wait to graduate! I want to move on to college and post college. I wish it is my graduation year already! For now I am going to continue to keep up my BEYOND excellent grades and continue to wait patiently on graduation day!


I’ve never been to a wedding. I think weddings are beautiful and a romantic thing almost everyone has experienced. Celebrating your wedding day with your family and friends. Imagine spending a possible lifetime with someone you love. I hope someday I attend someone’s wedding or even have my own.








Decades 2000-2010

The Decades of the 2000-2010 are very confusing to me. I feel that there are trends that were popular in certain groups died out in a short amount of time. Also there are different trends between certain groups of people. In this post I am going to focus on my generation on how they used to dress.


 Cut up "biker" girl tops.