Poem Response.

Come to the edge, he said.
We are afraid, they said.
Come to the edge, he said.
They came to the edge,
He pushed them and they flew.
Come to the edge, Life said.
They said: We are afraid.
Come to the edge, Life said.
They came.
It pushed them…

And they flew.

In other words,you cannot limit yourself to what you think you cannot do. Everyone is capable of doing anything they set themselves to do. In this case, if you are afraid to try something, you should try it. You’ll never know the outcome of what can happen. It can be unexpected at times. There’s always a good in every bad and a bad in every good. Therefore, the real message of this poem is to not be afraid to try new things, you will be awaiting a very unexpected outcome.

In my visual representation I used the colors Orange and Blue. Orange as a color represents optimism and a positive outlook. Blue represents confidence and faith.This ties into the poem because through out the poem “life” and “they” were pushing the person/thing to do something. This calls on positive outlook and optimism (Orange). The person/thing needed confidence to go along with what “life” and “they” were going to bring them. Therefore, they needed confidence and faith to do what they had to do (Blue).   In this picture I used rectangles in a stair step direction which implies that you are going on a route.I incorporated circles because circles move in a rolling incline. This ties into the poem because the main idea of the poem is doing something you generally will not do because you do not have the courage to do so. Therefore, the circles represent direction and the rectangles represents a route.



Inspiration Week-1

My inspiration for this week’s edition  is Summer 2015! I cannot wait for the summer time. I am tired of school. We have 63 more days of class until summer vacation. I am anticipating this summer too badly. I want this semester to be DONE and OVER with!

Political Display

This display is about supporting our military troops. There are soldiers who haven’t seen their families in months or years. Not to mention, they are in very dangerous places. In addition they are putting their life on the line to ensure that America maintains our freedom and liberty.

The overall message of this display is to support the men and women of service. Weather you donate money or welcome them back home it doesn’t hurt to support them. Lets remember that it is someone’s wife,husband,daughter,son,mother,father,girlfriend, boyfriend,brother,cousin,niece,nephew,uncle,aunty,neighbor,best friend,  ex-student etc putting their life on the line to ensure we are a free country.




Stacy London has always been one of my fashion icons. I love the way how she dresses. Also it inspires me on how she helps people who are in need of a wardrobe change. Fashion styling has always been one of my hobbies. I hope to turn it into a reality.