Inspiration 03.26.15

My inspiration for this week is my Grandma. I love my Grandma to death. She always inspires me to strive after things I want deeply but I have to work for it. She is one of the main reasons why I want to persue a medical career. 


Difa Favorite and Least Favorite Window Display


This was my favorite display from the Difa trade show. This display made me feel like I was lost in a beautiful tropic rainforest. I Definitely would pay $5,000 to sit here for dinner. Job well done to the display artist of this show case


My least favorite display is this essie nail polish display. When I look at the brand essie I think of a women who endures the pleasure of manicures and pedicures. Essie as a company has many different personalities along with the variety of nail polishes they make. I feel that this display is too classy and doesn’t really represent essie as a nail polish company.

Insipiration 03.18.15


Ambition is  something I embrace, live, eat, and breath! I WORK hard for what I DESERVE! I can never let anyone try to bring my ambition level down. The more you put me down, the higher I rise. My goal in life it to shit on the people who think I cannot do it. My #1 supporters are my Father and Mother. They are the reason why I have a lot of ambition.

Article Response 03.11.15

“The Citizen’s Guide to the Future” by Will Oremus


Do you think this would work as a toold towards buying?

Yes. I if a store is out of stock on a certain merchandise, the buyer can easily purchase the intended merchandise online. Therefore there’s mo hastle for the buyer to comeback another time nor loose out on what he/she wanted to buy.

What do you think would be a successful combo of windows and technology?

There would be more rhythm in which will attract more viewers because the display is now digital. Also impossible windows that cannot be done due to space can be done digitally because now display artist can create displays using digital resources.

Would you use this service?

No. As innovative as it seems, I would not be a participant in this service because meanwhile using all these technologies to purchase out of stock items would be a potiential way of another form of credit card theft. I would not like to be a victim of credit card theft.

Unknown Words
Reuters, Facades, and Realms

Inspiration 03.11.15

This week insipiration is inspired by my desk. This desk is where I complete all of my homework and studies. I can say I’ve made a huge turn around since my Junior High School days. In JHS I was your typical C+ /B- student. A lot of my teachers always convinced me that I had the ability to become a A student. My only problem was my working ethics. I barely studied for tests which impacted my grade deeply. I completed classwork and homework but when it came to tests, it was a different story.During  my transition from 8th grade to 9th grade I knew something has got to give. I wanted to get into a good college. I knew to myself it was not gonna cut if I was my same old JHS self. So I made a huge turn around. Ever since I’ve been in HS my grades made a huge turn around. I am a A student and I am no longer like how I used to be in JHS. In addition to my turn around, my motivation is my parents. If it weren’t for them being on top of me, especially my Dad, I wouldn’t be in the position I am in. I’m thankful for parents who believe I can accomplish anything I want to achieve in life. Espeically my Dad! Besides my Mom he is my #1 supporter. I love making my parents proud.

(My desk is too messy for me to upload a picture)

Inspiration 03-04-15


Amber Rose is my inspiration of this week. Although she has a history of being a stripper and other things, I like her as a person. Just because you have your own hustle of getting money it should not affect your image. So what if you’re a mom and you do things that are “not mother like” to society. Even though I am not a mom, I feel that if you’re a mom you can still enjoy your life.  I admire how open Amber is. It reminds me of how open I am. I live with no regrets nor am I afraid to tell the truth. Nor how I feel.  That is exactly how Amber is. I wish I can meet her in person. I would hug her so tight that I wouldn’t let go.